Wade Kricken

Real Estate Attorney

Wade Kricken, an experienced lawyer based in Texas, graduated from Baylor Law School in November 2001 and became licensed to practice by the State Bar of Texas in May 2002. For more than twenty years, Wade has handled a wide range of cases ranging from civil litigation to criminal charges, and from family law to business structuring.

Wade’s legal practice is informed by his strong knowledge of the laws of Texas and deep familiarity with client representation. He has developed a unique approach to this work – one which emphasizes the nuances of applying legal authority/precedent, accounting for economic realities/financial constraints of dispute resolution, assessing the collectability of judgments against both clients and adverse parties, and creating strategies to limit the potential of damage awards.

In addition to his legal practice, Wade engages in pro bono work with an emphasis on helping those most vulnerable and least able to receive significant assistance from other sources. He has also been active in local youth sports organizations, teaching lessons learned through legal representation as a positive tool for developing young minds.

When not practicing law and serving clients, Wade dedicates as much time as possible to being a father of six children, three sons and three daughters. He believes that his legal experience has taught him the importance of balancing career with family life in order to lead by example. As such, he is dedicated to ensuring that his children know the value of education and hard work, while also understanding that family life is a priority. Wade strives to set this example for his children every day.

In addition to his professional and parental responsibilities, Wade is active in local charitable organizations and community development projects. He believes that supporting the communities in which he lives and works helps to further the common good and serve the public interest.

By combining a strong knowledge of the law with dedication to client service, Wade Kricken is committed to helping his clients find successful resolutions for their legal needs. He strives to provide quality representation with a focus on results, while also maintaining an emphasis on integrity, honesty, respect, and community responsibility.

Professional Credentials

education background

  • 1997- University of Texas at Austin, Economics

  • 2001- Baylor Law School

Areas of Expertise

  • Real Estate Law
  • Litigation
  • Criminal Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Family Law
  • Civil Law

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